Gossip Roundup: Gigli Star Better Pol than Actor Edition

Names: Andre 3000 meets Hillary. . . O'Reilly debates at Creative Coalition with Huffington, Ford Jr.,. . . Liz Phair follows Madeleine Albright. . . Affleck may run for office, though prefers Hollywood to "eating stale danish in a VFW hall hustling people for money". . . Christine Baranski, Maria Shriver lunch while Couric, Caroline Kennedy workout. . . Clinton gets free watch from Harvard Square jeweler. . . Affleck, Clintons, Cusack, Vernon Jordan, others had late-night bites at Noir. [BG]

Reliable Source: Teresa, years ago: "I couldn't put up with the bullshit [of running for office or those stories written about politicians, not based on fact, but innuendos. That would destroy me, the kind of person I am." [WP]

Under the Dome: McCurry, on '96 versus '04: "I was basically stuck in a bunker the whole time and never got to go to any of the parties


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