Gossip Roundup: Giving the Kerry Story a Rest

· Washington Times with a shocking scandal: Sometimes politicians from opposite sides of the political spectrum will work together without, you know, clawing each other's eyes out or even just complaining about the smell in the room. In this case, Lindsey Graham makes nice with Hillary Clinton (perhaps they trade fashion tips) as well as Tom Daschle (not thinking much fashion talk there). Also: People hooking up via their pets. [WT]

· George Clooney’s girlfriend pushes a tequila-related Valentine's Day alternative that celebrates hooking up (via pets? unclear), what's her plan for V-Day? "This isn't about my personal life and I don't want to talk about my personal life. . . This is about Cuervo Nation." Water and Sewer Authority's newsletter is giving out Valetine’s recipes. Insert talking dirty joke here. Ricin scare puts stops commercial deliveries on Valentine’s Day at the Senate. Harvard's smutty magazine. Zell Miller hates Kid Rock, Adam Moss is going to work for New York magazine (and this is in the Reliable Source because. . . ?) Courtney Love missed her court date. [WP]

· Two hill staffers are engaged. They seem to care about the Beatles a little too much. There’s some grumbling within the Senate Democratic Caucus over being shown up by the GOP at this weekend’s bipartisan civil rights pilgrimage to Alabama and Tennessee. The top five comments uttered by senior citizens who accidentally dialed the “Intimate Connections” number instead of 1-800-MEDICARE, i.e., “I haven’t had this much excitement since the ‘Lawrence Welk Show’ stopped airing.” Dems like Gephardt a lot more now that he’s not running for president. Orin Hatch hung out with Paris Hilton and Courtney Love after the Grammys, "enjoy[ed] a little mingling." Leahy also hates Kid Rock. Donald Trump and Sen. Lisa Murkowski will be on 20/20 to talk about nepotism (pro). Democratic Caucus Chairman Bob Menendez (N.J.) delivers snappy come-back to a comment on his absence from the Dem retreat: "Democrats don’t retreat — we caucus!" [Roll Call]

·Tim Russert wants to interview Kerry to contrast with Bush interview. The grudge match between California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and former Rep. Bob Dornan gets nasty. Last fall’s Medicare vote in the House drove Science Committee Chairman Sherwood Boehlert (R-N.Y.) back to smoking. Sen. Conrad Burns (R-Mont) has a mother who's embarrassed: “I don’t want the mailman to know you’re a Republican.” The GOP wants to smear Kerry. Bob Weiner says it won’t work. [The Hill]

·Bush loves "Osama" -- the movie. (Ha! Ha! Did we fool ya?) Michael Deaver has a new book on Nancy Reagan, and Liz loves it! [NYP]

· Rudy Giuliani: Not a metrosexual. [NYDN]

·Zell Miller, super decency man! Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Paris Hilton all have been styled by Cristophe. [NYDN]


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