Gossip Roundup: Going to Bed with Martha Edition

Heard on the Hill: National Republican Senatorial Committee expected to endorse Martinez for Florida's Senate race. . . Who's responsible for leaving the live web stream turned on during a private meeting of Senators? . . . Tommy Lasorda supports a major league baseball team for D.C. . . History says Republicans more likely to win in Brood X years. Says DNC flak, "Every 17 years, the American people are plagued with soulless invaders who devour all in their path, mindlessly ignoring the damage they’re causing, fixated only on their own selfish needs. And in addition to the Republicans, voters have to put up with cicadas to boot." [Roll Call]

Out & About: Antonin Scalia sings into the wee hours. [WP]

Inside Politics: wants to air apologies for Abu Ghraib from America religious leaders on Al Jazeera. [WT]

Rush & Molloy: Larry Flynt on allegations of a Bush-sponsored abortion in the 70s: "I'm not saying George W. Bush bought her off, but I'm sure one of his cronies did.". . . Teresa: "The only way we're going to win this is grass roots at every level: At the highest level grass, the lowest level grass. It could be a lot of grass.". . . Weinsteins screen new film to Senators Frist, Alexander. [NYDN]

Page Six: Activist reports Michael Moore is a diva and only returns celebrity calls. . . Teresa's keynote address is late and sour. Said donor, "That was the worst speech I've ever seen." [NYP and NYP]

The Scoop: Michael Moore: to Playboy: "I go to bed with Martha Stewart every night. Have you ever tried her sheets? They'’re really nice. . . My feelings about [Hillary] politically are clouded by my feelings for her. I’'ve always been attracted to her. . . My wife and I went to meet [Dean]. . . But we weren’t in the room with him five minutes when we thought, ‘Geez, this guy is kind of a (jerk).'" [MSNBC]


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