Gossip Roundup: Greenfield's Flush

Reliable Source: McGovern, Buchanan, Caddell, Carter reflect on Hunter S. Thompson in Rolling Stone. . . Jeff Greenfield wears microphone into the bathroom; flush heard before Hillary's presser. . . Republicans still mad at Kitty Kelley. Wonder why. [WP]

Under the Dome: 21 Congressional staffers visit Las Vegas on non-profit's dime. . . Carole King joins Maloney, Shays to introduce Rockies Prosperity Act. . . Moran diets for charity. [The Hill]

Rush & Molloy: Hillary, Daschle, Albright, Pelosi celebrate Walter Shorenstein's 90th birthday. . . Angelina Jolie supports Powell for World Bank post, not Bono. [NYDN]


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