Gossip Roundup: Hmmm, Horsewhipping Edition

Heard on the Hill:Bush to give exclusive interview to Fox News on Wednesday morning while Powell talks to New York Post editorialists. [Roll Call]

Under the Dome:Norquist: "We have an idiot, stupid, corrupt, dumb, rotten Republican governor in [Ohio]. . . He should be taken out and horsewhipped.". . . Male congressional staffers stage fashion show for Men Against Breast Cancer. . . Kucinich campaign hawking items on eBay to erase debt. [The Hill]

Reliable Source:Clooney brings his dad to D.C. to raise campaign funds. . . Teresa describes herself as a "strict, bossy, witchy mother". . . Andre Heinz: "Mom could be terrifying." [WP]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Maureen Dowd: "I was on Fifth Ave. trying to hail a cab and suddenly President Bush's motorcade came by, and I was almost trapped in Bushworld again. I didn't know whether to wave or hide." [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy:Clooneys raid wallets of Damon, Redstone, Bing, Simmons, Orbach. [NYDN]

Page Six:Powell spotted buying hot dog from New York street vendor. [NYP]

Cindy Adams:Cherie Blair preps for three-day U.S. book tour, to net $50,000 per speech. [NYP]

Inside the Beltway:Dick Morris to promote "FahrenHype 9/11" at National Press Club. [WT]


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