Gossip Roundup: Holding My Vote Hostage Edition

Names & Faces: My Life approaches millionth sold. . . Georgetown Ritz-Carlton sees bounce from "F9/11" [WP]

Inside the Beltway: Bennett Roth's pool report: "While most of you [reporters] were getting your beauty sleep, your pooler was up this morning observing the parade of NATO leaders." [WT]

Inside Politics: Rothenberg: "The most likely outcome right now in the fight for the House is anything from a small Democratic gain of a couple of seats to a small Republican gain of a couple of seats.". . . Sen. Allen accused of being "pro-homosexual" by pro-family group. . . Starr plans to read Clinton's memoir. . . "Clinton's sadomasochism, narcissism, Oedipus complex, fear of death, and his sexuality" are explored in The Clintons Meet Freud. [WT]

Liz Smith: "F9/11" and "The Passion" as Oscar nominees? [NYP]

Page Six: Shock that Lewinsky's publicist misinforms the media. . . Dick Morris on Bill Clinton: He "suffers from ADD. If or when he doesn't get enough attention, he's disordered." [NYP and NYP]

Rush & Molloy: Sean Combs, Russell Simmons annoyed with Kerry, but plan major protest of Rockefeller drug laws opposite GOP convention; Simmons: "Ninety percent of the black people will vote Democratic unless people get as angry as I'm getting and they start looking at Ralph Nader." Adds Combs: "I'm holding my vote hostage until I hear what I expect Kerry to say about health care and computers in schools". . . Clinton greets 2,000 in L.A. [NYDN]


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