* Reliable Source: Sen. Kennedy will make his first appearance on "The Daily Show" tomorrow night. . . "The Sentinel," the "first big-budget drama in a while set in the nation's capital," opens Friday. [WP]

* Under the Dome:Moran brothers jump at the chance to represent for DeLay. . . Rep. Dennis Kucinich runs out of his office to help the victim of traffic accident. . . Melissa Fitzgerald, of "West Wing" fame, is hosting a fundraiser for City Council candidate Robert Gordon. . . Press release from Sen. Reid refers to Rob Portman as Bob. [The Hill]

* Inside the Beltway: The Bible will be read aloud on the West Lawn of the Capitol beginning April 30th. [WT]

* Liz Smith: Democrats won't take Larry Flynt's "dirty money." [NYP]

* The Scoop:Willem Dafoe says any connection between Cheney and the vice president character that he plays in "American Dreamz" is by "accident." [MSNBC]


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