Gossip Roundup: Hulk Legislate

* Heard on the Hill: Tom Coburn likes to brag about how many babies he's delivered, but his communications director helped deliver one last Monday, put that in your pipe and smoke it, Tom... Dennis Hastert campaign disclosures disclose a hearty love of food. [Roll Call]

* Reliable Source: The Ambassador from Hungary got a phone call from space! [WP]

* Under the Dome: Hugh Hefner donated $2,300 to Hillary... Rep. Mark Souder had jury duty... Ted Stevens is the longest-serving Republican senator. [The Hill]

* Shenanigans: Ted also got a cake! ... Norah O'Donnell is pregnant, had a fancy party at the Kuwaiti embassy... Dick Cheney is not talking to Scooter Libby, is going to smash Bob Sheiffer's puny head with his bare hands. [Politico]

* The Sleuth: Dennis Kucinich is going to personally impeach Dick Cheney. [WP]


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