Gossip Roundup: I Better Get at Least as Much as Maureen Edition

Names & Faces: White House places fresh flowers on seats of rickety press plane. Pilot, dubbed "Captain Bang," flies a bumpy ride. [WP]

Inside the Beltway:KE04 attorney resigns after allegedly soliciting prostitute. . . Cheney celebrates 40th anniversary, will settle for "four more years." [WT]

Inside Politics:Zellout.com says Miller should be a Republican. . . Coulter nexis-es "Hardball"; apparently Matthews talked more than John O'Neill. [WT]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Delegates have choice words for Michael Moore. . . Putnam reportedly gave Dowd $675,000 advance. [NYDN]

Piazza & Rovzar:Boy George, Moby, Lou Reed, Weinstein, Billy Baldwin, Alan Cumming, and the rest of liberal New York hope to out-party Republicans. [NYDN]

Liz Smith:Clinton advises Kerry to "be absolutely clear as possible outlining what he would do, if elected, on all major issues." Calls "F9/11" "brilliant" and "provocative.". . . Sim Farar, Tony Bennett rake in $3m for KE04. [NYP]

Page Six: Rodent problem at Madison Square Garden. . . Foghat doesn't support Bush. . . Dreamers think Cheney will drop out at convention, allowing McCain to step up. . . Alexandra, Vanessa skip party favors at VMAs. [NYP, NYP, NYP, NYP]


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