Gossip Roundup: I Can't Believe It Edition

Cindy Adams:Teresa's three rules: stay strong, be humble, have humor. . . "TV isn't calming for me. If it's bad, I get angry. If good, I'm caught up in it and get no sleep. I prefer what I can control. . . I do my own hair. I washed it myself yesterday. Problem is, in the rain it gets curly. In humidity, it frizzes. As for the dining, some small hotels don't even serve after 10 o'clock. I've already gained 10 pounds from the quick snacks and junk food. My husband doesn't gain because he can go without eating. I can't. I get fuzzy-headed. . . They call me the Scarf Lady. I never wore scarves before. . . I can't believe I married a second politician. I can't believe I married the first politician. He wasn't one when we met. I can't believe my family left Africa and came to this country. I can't believe I live in America, I can't believe I ever even married an American. And I can't believe we're embarked on this journey." [NYP]

Names & Faces: Before they left The Hill for good, fired writers Dick Carlson and Bill Regardie sent their last Shadow column out via email: "The Shadow Killed in Surprise Attack by Formerly Mild Editor: Few in Washington Shed Tears." [WP]

Inside Politics:Michael Moore: "I currently have two cameramen/reporters doing work for me in Iraq for my movie (unbeknownst to the Army). They are talking to soldiers and gathering the true sentiment about what is really going on. They Fed Ex the footage back to me each week. That's right, Fed Ex. Who said we haven't brought freedom to Iraq?". . . Study finds majority of 9/11 families members interviewed on TV are Bush critics. . . NOW's Legal Defense and Education Fund is now called "Legal Momentum." [WT]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Kerry's stepson, Andre Heinz, gets donors, including Marisa Tomei, Natalie Portman, and Steve Buscemi, laughing. . . "60 Minutes" press release about Woodward interview is all Qs and no As. . . Franken and Sharpton plan to attend bake sale for MoveOn.org at Moby's restaurant. [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy: Four political films will be released before November. . . Imus: "They shouldn't be cutting taxes on people like me. We can afford it. We can pay them. Kids are dying over there and people are worried about paying their taxes? It's an honor as an American. Bring it on!". . . Pataki braces for the second annual rally against the Rockefeller Drug Laws organized by Andrew Cuomo and Russell Simmons. [NYDN]

Page Six:McCain used Bloomberg's jet to reach his wife after her stroke. [NYP]


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