Gossip Roundup: I Love Social Security (Down There)

Rush & Molloy: Rock the Vote is printing "I Love Social Security" trucker hats, wifebeater shirts, and thongs. [NYDN]

Reliable Source:Conyers, Slaughter ride the PR for their would-be investigation into Gannon/Guckert. [WP]

Inside the Beltway: Democratic leadership given red paint and brushes by political action network. [WT]

Inside Politics:Dan Rather cleans out his office. . . Nader attacks "institutionalization of corruption and secrecy that is taking hold in Washington, D.C., particularly in the military budget and its corporate contractors, as a result of the Iraq War." [WT]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Democratic aides jump to release prebuttal attacks on new book by co-author of "Unfit for Command." [NYDN]

Cindy Adams:Kissinger on Condi: "She never calls. She doesn't need advice." [NYP]


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