Gossip Roundup: If Ford Did It...

* Heard on the Hill: Joe Biden has a history of saying crazy, stupid stuff... Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) thrilled to be mentioned by the blog of Bon Appetit magazine... Harry Reid forgot when Valentine's Day is! [Roll Call]

* Reliable Source: Geraldine Ferraro's back! With some lobbying firm. [WP]

* Yeas and Nays: Would you like to read the insane ramblings of consistently-wrong pundit Dick "Hillary Is a Lesbian Vampire" Morris? Here they are, enjoy... Creative Coalition party sounds like a good time. Frank Luntz called himself "the ugliest person in this room." ... Jim Talent's back! Eatin' some pizza, talkin' about god. [Examiner]

* Under the Dome: Chuck Schumer has imaginary friends. They're called the Baileys. Last year, they were called the O'Reillys. That's "too ethnic," apparently... Gerald Ford had way more nasty things to say about everyone that he didn't want anyone to hear until he was dead. [The Hill]

* Shenanigans: The DCCC is $9 million in debt. Nancy Pelosi spent $30k on her Holiday Party! [Politico]

* Page Six: Bill Clinton doesn't want to be president of your stupid university. [NYP]

* The Sleuth: More Ford stuff: NYDN reporter got Ford drunk. It has some terrible secret from 1974. [WP]


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