Gossip Roundup: It's Somebody's Birthday Edition

Reliable Source:Rove lunches with Hume, O'Beirne, Krauthammer, Will. . . Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Talib Kweli, Lisa Loeb offer unreleased songs for first-time voters. . . Coulter on Kerry: "I mean, it is simply a fact that he has married two heiresses, his specialty in life. I mean, if he has an economic plan, I think the one I'd like to hear about is how to snooker millionairesses into marrying me and living off them." [WP]

Heard on the Hill:Gore impersonator makes phony fundraising calls. . . Willie Nelson for Kucinich. [Roll Call]

Inside Politics:Teresa turned 67 yesterday. [WT]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Michael Meehan exits "Hannity & Colmes" during commercial break, citing ambush. [NYDN]

Page Six: "South Park" creators on P.Diddy's voter drive: "I think just saying 'Vote or Die' is a serious danger to democracy. 'Hey, 19-year-old who doesn't know anything, you chose!'" [NYP]

Liz Smith:DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, DeGeneres, Kutcher join Diddy's effort. [NYP]


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