Gossip Roundup: Jenna Hearts Miller Genuine Draft

Reliable Source:Jenna Bush, at Kid Rock show, spotted smoking (that would be illegal) and drinking Miller Genuine Draft. . . Relationship between Limbaugh and CNN's Daryn Kagan confirmed, even though pals consider her a liberal feminist. . . Andre 3000 interviews Jenna, Barbara and Rep. Dreier. He says of the twins' mention of OutKast in their speech, "If you're on the team of the Republicans, I think it was smart to do. 'Cause some people, they don't care. They're just like: Hey, I want to go to where all the cool people are." [WP]

Pink Elephants:McCain, Piscopo belt out "New York, New York". . . Kid Rock tells Hastert, Frist he wants to smoke a joint on Air Force One. . . Wax statues of Bette Midler, Nicolas Cage, Susan Saradon, Lenny Kravitz, Elton John, Whoopi Goldberg, Ru-Paul make appearance at Pataki's party. Clinton, Rather, Kennedy figures placed in storage. [NYT]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Chris Matthews on Zell Miller interview: "I've had him on before and I'd like to have him on again. I know he was angry, and I was just trying to let him work through it. Heat can be illuminating and heat can be the opposite of illuminating, and I was just trying to lower the heat level.". . . Jenna, Barbara fail to start "Four more years" chant at Kid Rock concert. . . Fox News staffers seen shouting "Four more years," but it's unclear what they meant. . . Sean Combs, who says he would chose a "young lady" to be his vice president, outlines plan to save the world: "After today, we gonna have to get to reality, and it's not gonna be about the speeches, it's gonna be about how people's lives are gonna change. At these conventions, you kind of get a sense of how one side doesn't like the other, but you don't leave with a sense of how life is about to change in a positive way for people who need help drastically." [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy:Piscopo announces exploratory committee for governor. . . Rangel says Republican delegates thought he was Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, or Don King: "I didn't care. I signed [autographs].". . . Cheney agrees with Kerry's "sensitive" war? Cheney: "[The mosque in Najaf, Iraq] is a sensitive area and we are very much aware of its sensitivity." [NYDN]

Cindy Adams:Barbara, Jenna make nice with Schwarzenegger's son. They choose to stay out of the White House to avoid their parents. . . Kerry on Miller's speech: "OK, so they locked up the senior citizens' vote.". . . Blitzer wants to see "Garden State" because "There's a line about me in it.". . . Jim Cramer: "Me, I'm a Democrat, but Bush throws a better party. To quote my kids: 'The Republicans are cooler.'" [NYP]

Page Six: New cartoon called "Major Flip Flop" hits Kerry. . . Only 50 people show for Pataki's party for 800. [NYP, NYP]


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