* Reliable Source:Jenna Bush spotted at Glover Park Starbucks sporting "cute new chin-length do" and "teal houndstooth coat". . . NPR's Sylvia Poggioli says "Oh, shit!" on the air. . . Bradley Whitford says his "West Wing" character will "spend the day naked in bed with a woman". . . Rep. John Dingell is now the second longest-serving House member of all time. [WP]

* Rush & Molloy:Clinton comments on Cheney: "They raise the quail on a farm. It's hardly a sport. The quail are slow. You have to stomp on the ground to get them to get up and fly. And you can't not get your limit. If it was that kind of farm, then, whatever the facts are, the Vice President shouldn't have done that. Because he was going to get his limit.". . . George Lucas suggests Cheney is secretly controlling Bush. [NYDN]

* Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.): "Part of [Bush's] persona is his alcoholism. I have alcoholics in my family. They're lucky to have an epiphany, and life begins at that epiphany. I think life began for George W. Bush at age 40." [NYDN]


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