Gossip Roundup: Jennings Has Eaten Sheep Testicles Edition

Out & About:Senator Lindsey Graham roasts Bernard Shaw: "When Judy [Woodruff] called me to do this I said yes, and then I thought about it. I'm a white Republican from South Carolina about to make fun of a black man in front of every media outlet in the world." [WP]

Washington Whispers:Jack, Emma Claire subdued by Gameboys, coloring books, and songs. . . Kerry's khakis and blue blazer appeal to red America. . . Revised Bush line: Cheney "doesn't have the waviest hair in the race. I didn't pick him for his hairdo." [USN&WR]

Inside the Beltway:Luntz declared Bush lost debate in first fifteen minutes; his focus group was impressed by Kerry. [WT]

Inside Politics:Brokaw sees "political jihad" on Internet. [WT]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Vanity Fair revisits attacks on McCain in 2000. . . Jennings has eaten sheep testicles. [NYDN]

The Scoop:Sharon Bush won't sue Kitty Kelley. [MSNBC]


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