Gossip Roundup: Kerry, Six Feet Under?

Out & About: At Kennedy Center Spring Gala: Gingrich, Rumsfeld, Card, Rove, Kennedy, Warner, Myers, Powell, Chertoff, Queen Noor, Bo Derek. . . Sununu, Stevens, Warner, Ensign, Sanchez, McCrery partake in poker tournament for charity. [WP]

Washington Whispers: Rumors have Rumsfeld replaced by Armitage in late summer. . . '08 predictions: Frist, Romney, Hillary, Kerry, Edwards. . . Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Famer Lynn Swann wants to run against Rendell. . . Thune is on national "thank you" tour. . . Spellings' daughter likes her beer cold. [USN&WR]

Liz Smith: Clinton cost too much for "Six Feet Under" guest spot so they're looking at Kerry. [NYP]

Cindy Adams: Arnold has Secret Service clear out hair salon before dye goes in. [NYP]


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