Gossip Roundup: Ketchup Edition

Washington Whispers: Education reporters joke about Rod Paige at banquet. "If this had been held in Washington, there'd be outrage at reporters ridiculing the guy they cover," said an observer. . . Ketchup and ice cream are tough to find in Iraq's green zone due to stalled convoys. . . Bush: "There's a movie called 'Osama.' I wish you'd look at it. When I talk to the American people about what it means to liberate people, the movie says it a lot better than I can.". . . Cheney has new, positive view of the press. "The more reporters get to see him up close, the more appealing he is," said one. . . New book recounts Kerry-Bush meeting at Yale: "I just remember fairly vividly, they were having a conversation about busing. John had been participating in busing stuff, but George was very conservatively placed and thought it was a crazy idea.". . . Bush and McClellan love their no-iron shirts. Says Scott, "I just love these noniron Brooks Brothers shirts. It's almost the only thing I wear these days." [USN&WR]

Heard on the Hill:DeLay is not a fan of the 17th Amendment. . . Former Sen. Connie Mack III (R-Fla.) and candidate Connie Mack IV are fans of Bacardi rum. III is a lobbyist; IV is a recipient of PAC money. . . Candidate Albert Turner Jr., arrested for harassment, disputes the charge: "A woman grabbed my testicles and I was trying to protect myself. And I don�t back down from that � no shape, form or fashion.". . . Chet Edwards, Menendez, Shelley Berkley, and Nadler are solicited for Bush campaign by Frist. [Roll Call]

Out & About:Alma Powell, Colin Powell, Ted Kennedy, Frist, Lieberman, Daschle, Lott, Rove, Evans and McAuliffe watch Minnelli, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and others at Kennedy Center gala. . . Kathleen Matthews, supporter of Girl Scouts. [WP]

Rush & Molloy:Sharpton will get talk show this week. . . Edward Cardinal Egan may ban Kerry from annual Smith Dinner. . . Affleck to join Ted Kennedy to raise minimum wage. [NYDN]

Cindy Adams:Neil Diamond, Streisand to host Kerry fundraiser. . . Teresa likes Abigail Adams and ketchup. [NYP]

Page Six:Woodward enemy Pete Earley publishing fictional book based on his dealings with Woodward. [NYP]


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