Gossip Roundup: Kicking Under the Table Edition

The Reliable Source: CNN exec Eason Jordan is reportedly romantically involved with WSJ reporter Danny Pearl's widow, Mariane. They have been supportive of each other publicly. No comment from his wife. CNN flak: "I'm neither confirming it nor denying it." [WP]

Under the Dome: Kerry, if elected, pledges to be the first president since JFK to visit Puerto Rico. Supporters look forward to the sight of Air Force One on the island. . . Retiring Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Colo.) received a plaque for his efforts in getting the Capitol Police new Harley-Davidsons. . . Newt Gingrich has written more than 135 book reviews on Amazon.com, making him one of the top 500 reviewers; his "About Me" section is written in the third-person. . . Possible VP Richardson may sign a medical marijuana bill. . . 84 percent of 1,300 respondents in an online poll want Bob Edwards back as host of "Morning Edition." [The Hill]

Heard on the Hill: Schumer has arranged for a Smithsonian telescope to be available on the Dirksen roof tonight allowing Senators a clear view of the rare cosmic alignment of five planets. "I look up at the sky and I can�t tell these five planets from a star or from some dust on my glasses. The heavens are everybody�s. Maybe under the sign of Saturn, we will make peace on the judiciary.". . . Democrats saw hypocrisy when Frist attacked Clarke on the Senate floor for taking profits from his book -- but Frist wrote a book about the anthrax crisis: "Next time Karl Rove sends him a speech to read on the Senate floor, he may want to proof-read it first." Still, Frist's profits did go to charity; Imus offers Clarke $100,000/year plus health insurance to be his "chief security correspondent" if he donates profits from his book to 9/11 families. Imus: "I'll put it in writing.". . . House members get a sneak peak at new Lewis and Clark nickels. . . School prank project for zug.com names Snowe funniest Senator and Hillary the unfunniest. Corzine jokes: "What did the number 0 say to the number 8? Nice Belt!" Hagel jokes: "Latin isn't dead. It's just 'Roman' around." [Roll Call]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Kerry flak did not deny Bill Clinton could be Secretary of State. [NYDN]

Fox411: Tim Robbins and Yoko Ono spotted at the Air America launch. [Fox News]

Rush & Molloy: Hillary and Bill, Cuomo, Trump among participants at Kenneth Cole's 50th. . . Jon Stewart and wife expecting a baby. . . Redford is now a former supporter of Nader. [NYDN]

Cindy Adams: Donna Brazile on Gore: "I enjoyed p--- ing him off. But we now talk several times a month. I've stopped cussing him out." On Lieberman: "Our Jewish friends were against his running because, they said, 'We don't want to draw attention to ourselves.'" On Sharpton: "He has the best one-liners. This candidacy thing advanced his media career. That's all he wants. His next gig's to be on TV." On herself: "Girl, I've taken more s--- than most people alive." On Powell: "He told me, 'Don't give advice on race relations. Don't let people take you there. That deflects from your message. You don't have to talk about that. Let others do it.'" On Clinton: "Brilliant. No better strategist. Me, I was always part of the clean-up crew. So, after Monica, when they hollered 'impeachment,' I went on the road to tell voters, 'We voted for him. We wanted him then. . . we still want him. . .' He was appreciative. He said thank you. The man knows how the game is played." On Rice: "A loner. Lets nobody in." On Clarke: "Hey, when you're at the table you act one way. When you're kicked from that table you act another way." [NYP]


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