The Daily Briefing is on vacation. (And if you need to ask why, consider that the WP has a front page story this morning announcing that "Democrats Split Over Position on Iraq War." They bury the whole "ice cream is yummy" investigation on page three.)

"Left Behind" sequel to open in churches, where, presumably, people don't realize that stars Lou Gossett Jr. and Kirk Cameron have been preserved in amber since 1987. . . Don Cheadle visits locale of his movie, "Hotel Rwanda." [WP]

The other John Roberts is back off the market. . . . What does McCain get out of being Hillary's frienemy?. . . . London-bombgin-riffic "V for Vendetta" moved to March 2006. [Page Six, Page Six, Page Six]

One-time news anchor John Miller to become FBI flack. [Cindy Adams]


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