Gossip Roundup: Leon Wieseltier? Fookin' Leon Wieseltier? Edition

The Reliable Source: Michael Jackson to meet with Sheila Jackson Lee; the Congressional Black Caucus cancelled their meeting with him. . . Allyson and Dan Bartlett welcome twins Jacob and Sutton. [WP]

Heard on the Hill: Leon Wieseltier, of TNR, had a cameo on "The Sopranos" this week: "It beats 'Crossfire.' Every once in a while God sends me some icing for my cake. This is some icing.". . . Actor Joe Pantoliano is interested in replacing Jack Valenti: "Tell �em to give me a call � my career is in the toilet anyway.". . . 900 guests sign a poster for Brian Lamb at C-SPAN's gala dinner. . . "Yeah, we had 800 people on Karl Rove�s lawn," said a spokeswoman for National People's Action on their protest. [Roll Call]

Rush & Molloy: Gov. Rendell's limo often tops 100 mph in Pennsylvania "with its emergency lights flashing and siren wailing to shoo other motorists out of the way." [NYDN]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: The White House braces for the next book of bad news, this time over Bob Woodward's "Plan of Attack," due out next month. The book, about the war on terror, will be serialized in The Washington Post and promoted on "60 Minutes." [NYDN]

Cindy Adams: Hillary on the election: "It will be incredibly close. . . It will be outside forces - something unforeseen that suddenly happens - that tilts the election one way or another." [NYP]


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