Gossip Roundup: Let the Twin Stalking Begin!

Pink Elephants:Barbara spotted in white tank top, Jenna in black jacket at young Republican bash. . . Bloomberg to gay Republicans: "A few years ago I used this event as an occasion to come out." Pause, laughter. "As a Republican." Laughter, applause. . . Don King: "Bush is the man with the plan.". . . Republicans pour $1.5m in alcohol, food on members of the media at the Time Warner Center. [NYT]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: RNC hires people to stroll around in dolphin costumes to remind all of Kerry's "flippers". . . Hastert tells Chris Wallace that Soros' money could come from the drug cartel. . . Noonan, Limbaugh, Drudge host Cheneys, Patakis, Gillespie, Frist, Santorum, Matalin, and CNN's Daryn Kagan, who is reportedly friendly with Limbaugh. [NYDN]

Cindy Adams: Time Warner Center party had 1,500 staff, 100,000 food portions. . . Dick Parsons has a thing for Judy Woodruff, not Blitzer. . . Kitty Kelley book has "five major revelations." [NYP]

Page Six:Stephen Baldwin, B-lister for Bush. . . Photo spread of conservatives in New York called "most frightening collection of mug shots since the card deck of Iraqi war criminals" [NYP, NYP]

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher:Bush gets in the way of the MTV Video Music Awards. [NYDN]

Heard on the Hill: For Ben Ginsberg, the parties must go on; still a noted "special guest" at law firm party in New York. . . Top KE04 donors asked for more; event earns $2.1m. . . "Bush: Faith in the White House" documentary screenings this week in New York. . . Bobblehead of Arnold in pink dress, pumps, lipstick to be sold. [Roll Call]

Names & Faces:Johnny Cash was an "outsider," not a Republican. . . Lewinsky: "As the commodity in the interview, you'd be crazy not to get compensated." [WP]

Fox 411:Arnold not the biggest of partiers. . . Only 1,500 guests showed for media party, including Larry King, Lewis Lapham, Cindy Adams [Fox News]


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