Gossip Roundup: Let's Have a Funny-Off Edition

Washington Whispers:Carville: "My macro position is that in 2008 there's going to be a significant third-party movement in the United States that's going to combine Naderism and Buchananism. It's going to be native; anti-immigration; antitrade; very, very cool on military intervention; America first.". . . Anti-Nader ad asks, Ralph, what's more important? Your nation or your ego?". . . Clinton prepares for book tour. . . Bush aide says "there'll be a big housecleaning" of the cabinet if he is re-elected. . . Commission investigating WMD search uses wmd.gov email address. . . [USN&WR]

Heard on the Hill:Jessica Cutler, on paid leave: "I don�t think I can get a job anywhere in this town for a long time." On Internet-age affairs: "You don�t know if they'�ll give you a disease or write a blog about you. It makes you wonder.". . . Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) refers to witness, Bill Aho, as "A ho," similar to "a--hole." Rep. Ric Keller (R-Fla.) asks for clarification: "I wasn�t sure if [Conyers] was getting it right, because that�s how how he usually refers to me." [Roll Call]

Inside the Beltway:Fred Barnes says Michael Moore fabricated a conversation between them . . . 95% of police commanders and security directors expect a "catastrophic" domestic attack this year. . . Edwards re-visits North Carolina. [WT]

Inside Politics: Study finds bias in coverage of Air America. . . Nader advised Kerry to select Edwards or Gephardt. . . Tarantino whispers to Moore: "I just want you to know it was not because of the politics that you won this award.". . . Justice Scalia: "I think all Americans would love their country if they had to live abroad for a while." [WT]

Out & About:Greenspan, Donaldson, Lynda Carter, and husband William Cohen celebrate Janet Langhart Cohen's autobiography at the Kuwaiti embassy. [WP]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Bill Bennett hosts a new radio show: "I'd like to think I'm naturally funny. In fact, I know I'm funnier than Al Franken and I don't need a scriptwriter." Franken: "Then let's have a funny-off. I'll give him odds and bet $8 million." [NYDN]

Cindy Adams:Ridge mentioned as replacement for Cheney. [NYP]

Page Six:Alexandra Kerry cozy with Simon Monjack, director of Nike's Michael Jordan ad campaign. [NYP]


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