Gossip Roundup: "Long, Skinny Cigarette" Edition

Washington Whispers:BC04 insiders predict win by 50% to 47%. . . Kerry would put Republicans in his cabinet. . . Peter Hart says non-voters content with life outside of the arena. . . "Sox obsessed" Kerry skipped school to attend Game 6 of the '75 World Series. . . BC04 outerwear popular among staff. McClellan: "You wouldn't believe how warm they are.". . . Men drawn to gun-toting Kerry. . . Media Fund ad tying Bush to Saudi royals found to be most effective. . . GOP testing Teresa's gin-infused recipe for arthritis relief. . . Pro-choice groups screen "Vera Drake" to mobilize voters against Bush. [USN&WR]

Out & About:Stanley Tucci, Scott Simon, Wolf Blitzer attend Holocaust Museum event. [WP]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Ana Marie Cox invites Kristen Gore to review her upcoming book. As for Cox's review of "Sammy's Hill": "[T]he Gore family has been really fucked over, and they know the difference between a bad review and a stolen election." [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy:Mo Rocca: "I'm convinced that Teresa Heinz [Kerry] is going to have some announcement - like she's going to give everyone in Ohio a Pontiac." [NYDN]

Page Six:Kerry's inner circle comprised of "mostly single, fiftysomething, skirt-chasing lotharios with an appetite for twentysomething babes.". . . John, Teresa will be in Ketchum for New Year's, win or lose. [NYP, NYP]

The Scoop:Barbara spotted with "long, skinny cigarette" at Smith Point. [MSNBC]


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