Reliable Source: Rachel Brand is called the "breakout star of the hearings". . . Accusations of age discrimination at Washingtonian magazine. [WP]

Inside the Beltway:Clinton will deliver the eulogy to Eugene McCarthy. . . Bush reads "five to every one [book] that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reads," according to Fred Barnes. [WT]

Liz Smith:Ana Marie Cox says there's "a cold war of gossip" in Washington.[NYP]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Sen. Hillary Clinton kept her distance from Harry Belafonte at Rainbow Room event. [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy: Russian politician: Condoleezza Rice is "a very cruel, offended woman who lacks men's attention. Such women are very rough.". . . Sen. McCain carries lucky compass, lucky feather, lucky penny, lucky rock and a lucky pen. [NYDN]


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