Gossip Roundup: McClellan Fields Complaints

Names & Faces: Lacrosse team criticized for wearing flip-flops on White House visit with Bush. . . Gore announces cast of Current are unknowns. [WP]

Inside Politics: White House correspondent Raghubir Goyal complains about two-question policy for joint-pressers. . . RNC collected $59m in first half of '05, a record for an off-year. . . Buchanan says "White House press corps has begun treating McClellan not like a man who misspoke, but like some defiant inmate at Guantanamo." [WT]

Under the Dome:Sen. Conrad receives only one question at his press conference. . . Bork attacks Supreme Court as "one of the less attractive hangovers from the Sixties". . . Democratic speechwriter Roger Wolfson now writes for TNT's "The Closer". . . Associate Senate Historian Don Ritchie was near the London tube during the bombings. [The Hill]


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