Gossip Roundup: Meat on Ash Wednesday

Under the Dome: Colorado Congressional freshmen Salazar brothers upgrade to penthouse — and Barack Obama lives downstairs. Helllloooo, party central. . . Russert asks McAuliffe to pay up promised charitable donation. . . Press Club served meat to lawmakers on Ash Wednesday. . . While testifying for four hours, Bolten really had to use bathroom. . . Kerry's 1961 album tops Playboy list. [The Hill]

Reliable Source: White House contacting ten chefs for opening. . . Lobbyist Michael Berman hosts lunch for 60 women: "I like women." Apparently he's the only one in D.C. who does... [WP]

Rush & Molloy: Maya Keyes kicked out by Alan for being out. [NYDN]

Cindy Adams: Time Warner fed up with Michael Moore's "craziness." [NYP]

Liz Smith: Brit Hume on Camilla: "Well, if you look at a photograph of Diana, you can understand, but this one. . . why? Why her?" [NYP]


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