Gossip Roundup: Media Maven Catfights Edition

Names: Buscemi: "Look, I support Bush. I even went to see that movie he starred in -- 'Fahrenheit 9/11.'" [BG]

Reliable Source: Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom blocked from stairs at party. . . Lewis Black: "My focus is: At what point am I going to kill myself?. . . If you want to say I'm Bill O'Reilly on acid, that's okay. . . I'm hoping it will be the segment in which I just burst into flame.". . . Brit Hume: "Well, there you have it. Black Eyed Peas and their rendition of the song that is known to be widely popular with swing voters across America, especially that refrain when they go 'ya, ya, ya, ya,' that is believed by the Kerry camp to make an enormous difference in certain key states like Ohio, Missouri and so on." [WP]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: A Black Eyed Pea: "When I mentioned to Kerry that I wanted to make a song about America, he said, 'Why don't you go to Quincy Jones?' It let me know that this person is no different than me.". . . Sharpton overheard: "I ain't payin' for nobody's hotel room! Y'all are full of s--!" [NYDN]

Rush & Molloy: O'Reilly credits Moore for the interview because "he knew he wasn't going to win." [NYDN]

Page Six: Big Kerry donor has mafia ties. . . Dean bounced from conversation between Bono, Daschle. . . Mentally disabled reporters score interviews with Hillary, Jennings, Dean, Clark, Springer, Boxer, Richardson, Pelosi. . . Estrich peeved at Tina Brown. . . [NYP, NYP, NYP, NYP]

Cindy Adams: Reports from the Creative Coalition party, etc. [NYP]

Fox 411: P.Diddy passes Janet Reno. [Fox News]


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