Gossip Roundup: Media Person of the Year

Washington Whispers: Russia increases economic espionage on American interests to Cold War levels. . . Rove, furious by inaccurate exit polls, enlisted Card and Rice, who "was into it," to help with number-crunching. . . Hillary's friends say team is preparing to run '08 campaign in tandem with '06 re-election. . . Bush aides look to work with Obama. . . Jeb, Huckabee, Romney, Frist, Owens, Brownback, Barbour also in the running for '08. . . Rove's secret formula included "la la la" voice exercises and "drinking tea with honey, sucking on throat lozenges, getting some neck massages on the plane.". . . Clinton still undecided as to best way to deal with impeachment in his library. [USN&WR]

Cindy Adams:Chelsea hires p.r. maven Howard Rubenstein. . . Powell, with resignation written, weighs details of upcoming book considering son's position at FCC. . . Lewinsky purchased two shopping carts of bulbs. [NYP]

Page Six:Powell to leave within the year, as early as next month. . . Jon Stewart front-runner for "Media Person of the Year." [NYP, NYP]


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