Gossip Roundup: Michelle Malkin Turns to Feminism

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Michelle Malkin prevented from slandering Kerry on Hardball, says to Limbaugh: "[Chris Matthews] kept badgering me [off camera] to tell him my age, and I was flabbergasted by such naked chauvinism." Producer: "Chris asked the same thing of John Edwards." Matthews: "I am morally, if not legally, responsible for what is said on the show. If someone is saying something that factually can't be proved, it's my job to call them on it.". . . Ron Reagan to host book party on Monday at Kenneth Cole's Rockefeller Center store. . . Dowd, Reed, Rollins to brief "media elites" all next week. . . Wentworth says Stephanopoulos has "large tools" for his grill, "like those Edward Scissorhands things." [NYDN]

Reliable Source:Alice Cooper blasts politically-active rockers. . . Kitty Kelley to celebrate Bush 41's support of Planned Parenthood. . . Garrison Keillor wants Franken for Senate. . . Barney pooped behind Bush during news conference at ranch. . . Domino's offers divided-nation pizza gimmick. [WP]

Inside the Beltway: Al Qaeda tip: "You should differentiate between men and women's perfume. If you use women's perfume, you are in trouble.". . . White House aides to keep distance from New York to avoid politicizing. [WT]

Rush & Molloy:P.Diddy allegedly scrapped from museum dedication because Laura would be uncomfortable attending. [NYDN]

Page Six:Janet Jackson on the Super Bowl incident: "I truly feel in my heart that the president wanted to take the focus off of him at that time, and I was the perfect vehicle to do so at that moment . . . I mean, it's a bunch of bullshit. . . Will I be voting for Bush? Hell, no!" [NYP]

Cindy Adams: GOP cookbook, with recipes from pols, hits stores. . . Edwards to introduce "Dr. Strangelove" on TCM. . . Kerry to keynote Redbook "Mothers & Shakers" awards. [NYP]

The Scoop: "Renegade newscaster" Chris Cuomo "really got chewed out" for joking on "Good Morning America" Ridge celebrated Kennedy's placement on the no-fly list. [MSNBC]


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