Gossip Roundup: More on Greenspan's Wetness

Washington Whispers: Obama and Mehlman, friends since Harvard Law, plan intimate dinner. . . Democratic senators will refer to ANWR as "Arctic refuge" because it "conjures up pretty scenes and animals". . . Negroponte and Goss, buddies since Yale. . . Some dorks want new D.C. stadium to have WiFi. . . PETA wants Cheney to stop fishing. . . WaPo peeves Rummy. [USN&WR]

Rush & Molloy: Greenspan tells GQ he enjoys hour-long hot baths accompanied by a large fan. [NYDN]

Page Six: "Which well-preserved politician was seen at a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon's office? The nurse went in after him with a tray of syringes that looked suspiciously like Botox?". . . Bono describes Bush as "very funny and quick." [NYP, NYP]

Inside the Beltway: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Iraq published. . . Mack, Coats join King & Spalding. [WT]


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