Gossip Roundup: MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Master of Bladder Control

Pink Elephants:Jenna: "Actually, in our family I'm known as Barbara's revenge on George.". . . Media kept a mile from Halliburton Breakfast for Texas delegates. [NYT]

Cindy Adams:Chris Matthews: "We have a johnny-on-the-spot. Once, one time only, it took me four minutes. I now have it so that I can actually do the whole deal in two minutes. The truth is, I think excitement is dehydrating. Election 2000, I was on the air from 5 that evening to 5 the next morning and took only one potty break. I have it down pat." [NYP]

Page Six:Franken instructs listeners to yell out their windows during Bush's speech. . . Giuliani downs Montecristo and scotch following speech. . . Man in Bush mask shaves performance artist's bush. . . Oscar de la Renta on Laura: "I have never seen blue eyes like hers


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