Gossip Roundup: No Taxpayer Superheroes Edition

Reliable Source: Angelina Jolie: "I'm the most tattooed person probably in Washington.". . . Reagan more likely to get a coin than D.C. . . . McAuliffe buys the Cheneys a drink. . . Jim Wilkinson and Chris Heinz make People's "50 Hottest Bachelors." [WP]

Under the Dome: Preparations for Clinton mania. . . Weldon didn't know of Herseth. . . McCullough penning book on Washington for spring. [The Hill]

Heard on the Hill: Pair of Hill staffers participate on "Trading Spaces". . . Capitol building flags from Reagan funeral hit eBay. . . Menendez tells chatters to use "inside" voices. [Roll Call]

Inside the Beltway: Morris Reid says Bush is a one termer like Carter. . . Dubya Dubs clothing debuts. [WT]

Inside Politics: No "Taxpayer Superheroes" in Congress for first time in 10 years. . . Reagan stamp to be issued next year. [WT]

Page Six: Photo of Larry King's Depends adult diapers removed from "Star Trash" exhibit. . . Clinton's foes were dis-invited to "The Hunting of the President" screening. [NYP and NYP]

Fox411: Clinton, at documentary premiere, on appointing a special prosecuter: "I was such a naive fool. I thought people wanted to know the truth."[Fox News]


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