Gossip Roundup: No Voodoo Here Edition

Under the Dome: Sen. Jim Jeffords (I-VT) may hold his own solo convention "around the rhinoceros," which he has adopted because it is "stubborn and bullheaded." The location is "still up in the air.". . . Former Sen. Al D'Amato was briefly blocked from entry onto the Senate floor as doorkeepers made a human chain; Senator Kennedy had to intervene. [The Hill]

Heard on the Hill: Chris Black, top advisor to Teresa Heinz Kerry, and B. Jay Cooper, longtime Bush ally, are engaged; "We like to think of ourselves as the thinking person's James [Carville] and Mary [Matalin]," says Black. . . Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) sucks face on the Jumbotron at a Washington Wizards games; "The crowd went wild" as the announcer said, "Way to go, Congressman.". . . Democratic strategists' No-CARB Diet in 2004 - No Cheney, No Ashcroft, No Rumsfeld, No Bush - is called No-CLASS by GOP aide Stuart Roy. . . Baby born to Senate aide and Kerry insider David DiMartino at 3:29 p.m. "Just in time for CNN's 'Inside Politics,'" he joked. [Roll Call]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Fresh Neil Bush revelations in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair; email from Neil: "We're almost out of money and I've lost my patience for being compared to my brothers, for being put down for my inability to make money, and tired of not being loved;" ex-wife Sharon to his lawyers: "I pulled Neil's hair out because I wanted to get it tested for cocaine, not because of voodoo;" Bush 41 rejects her request for a $467,000 loan and tells Sharon: "Close the unhappy chapter with Neil, find a job, and look to the future, not the past." [NYDN]


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