Gossip Roundup: Not Going to Be My Problem Edition

Names & Faces: Kenneth Starr named dean of Pepperdine University School of Law. [WP]

Under the Dome: Hunter S. Thompson to pen book on 2004 race. . . Kerry's brother, Cameron Forbes, is compared to Bobby Kennedy. . . "According to a source who spoke to [Orrin] Hatch en route [to the site of an alleged rape by William Kennedy Smith], he said he was looking forward to ribbing Kennedy about the venue when he returned to the Hill.". . . Staffers in Minority Whip Steny Hoyer's office fed his dog ice cream, causing gas. "That�'s not going to be my problem," said one staffer. [The Hill]

Heard on the Hill: Dodd may have a Trent Lott problem with his admiration of Byrd. . . Tavis Smiley says "Jeopardy" questions were stacked against him: "What they did was a little janky � to use ebonics. It was nasty, it was wrong, it was unfair. It was janky." [Roll Call]

The Scoop: Sharpton was guest preacher at a vigil for Whitney Houston. [MSNBC]

Liz Smith: Vanity Fair to run its longest piece ever in the May issue: "Path to War: A Special Report - The Rush to Invade Iraq: The Ultimate Inside Account." [NYP]

Cindy Adams: Bush to visit Ireland, then Turkey. . . Documentary on Kerry to be released this summer. [NYP]

Page Six: Monica Crowley wants to free Teresa Heinz Kerry from being repressed by the campaign: "The Kerry campaign has Teresa under house arrest." [NYP]


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