Gossip Roundup: Oscar, Oscar Everywhere Edition

Washington Whispers: Supporting government monopolies: John Snow and Don Evans ride Amtrak. Fighting the same war: Kerry plans to pitch 2004 as 1960, part two, with hawkish Dems versus all-talk administration. Nothing Green can stay; Terry McAuliffe is hitting campuses hoping to sway Nader 2000 supporters. Omarosa during Gore stint. New budget contains $10 million for a little-noticed part of the No Child Left Behind Act: the "Exchanges With Historic Whaling and Trading Partners" program. PETA "Passion" protest. Homeland Security reminds employees what their job is. Fox News "killing" in the ratings.Bush has a new truck. More campaign support solicitation hijinks. [US News]

Inside the Beltway: Rumsfeld's vanity publishing project (not the Iraqi constitution). Hey: Free condoms on Metro! (For all those times you might consider having sex on the metro.) Easter Egg Roll at the White House invite "children of all ages," as long as they're under seven. Contest for best National Education Assocation metaphor. [WT]

Heard on the Hill:Kerry’s been trying to be an everyman, but he got off a plane that said “Million Air”  the other day. Commerce Secretary Don Evans spotted Rep.John Dingell on a flight from D.C. to Detroit last Thursday night and wanted to respond to the McDonald’s letter, but couldn’t get to Dingell because the representative was in first class. Dingell, for his part, says he got an upgrade. Boozman got porn site Boozmanforcongress.com shut down. Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-Texas) wants Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fla.) to resign over "you all look alike" comment. Rosario Marin (former US treasurer) is running against Barbara Boxer, and has been signing dollar bills with her signature on them as a campaign memento. Vote buying? Bargain! [Roll Call]

Cindy Adams:Sean Penn, Oscar favorite, supports Dennis Kucinich, presidential long shot. [NYP]

Page Six:Kerry and staffers play orange bowling on campaign plane. Kerry's winning the tournament. Unclear what the rules are. [NYP]

Rush & Malloy: Al Franken (wisely) decides against confronting the Mel at an Oscar party. [NYDN]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: More oscar parties. Karenna Gore Schiff and Kristin Gore are more demur than Paris Hilton. (Which is setting the bar awfully low.) Kristin's writing a book that features Steve Martin. [NYDN]


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