* Reliable Source:Tony Blair's son is trying to be inconspicuous as a Capitol Hill intern. . . Hill staffers will continue to receive free subscriptions to Hustler. [WP]

* Inside the Beltway:Laura Bush on the film "Glory Road": "You'll be amused when you watch the movie and you see the lines that, 'Blacks can't play basketball.'". . . Humane Society wants the White House to use cage-free eggs for its East Egg Roll. [WT]

* Page Six: Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) on Hillary: "I hear Bill is driving her nuts. Apparently, she came home the other day, saw him on the sofa and yelled at him to turn off 'Oprah,' get off his butt, and pick up the towels on the bathroom floor. And Bill said, 'Don't try that stuff with me. You're trying to run this place like the House of Representatives... and you know what I mean.'". . . Morrissey was investigated by FBI and British counterpart after calling Bush a terrorist. [NYP]


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