Gossip Roundup: Paltry Servings Edition

· Homeland Security warns of pressure cookers. Like, really. The things you put beans in: They can be turned into "'improvised explosive devices' with the addition of one ingredient -- explosives." Wes Clark calls his wife “The General’s General.” Joe McCarthy – he hated communists. But it turns out that many of his allegations were untrue. Diana Ross goes to jail. Michael Jackson hearts Armstrong Williams. (We've held back on you so far, Leiby, but much more of this. . . ) [WP]

· The Smithsonian was selling magnets mocking Bush. They aren’t anymore. Bob Weiner thinks Watergate break-in was motivated by John Kerry. "It was a small delegation. But it was quality." -- Cheney on being the Wyoming Rep. [WT]

·Laura, Jenna and Barbie see Gypsy (Saturday) and The Producers (Sunday). Nathan Lane blames poor performance on Republicans watching. (Had an ex who used the exact same excuse.) Bonus: On Friday, Jenna closed Bungalow 8. (Working the played-out B-list vote?) [NYP]

·Laura and the girls were at Gypsy at Saturday. This time we learn that there were lots of Secret Service agents around -- protecting Jenna from herself? From her massive hangover? [NYDN]

· WP TV critic Tom Shales hates NBC pretty boy Matt Lauer, according to Lloyd Grove. But Lloyd wants us to know what the real story is: "I like and admire both men, and it's too bad they can't get along." And too bad you have to write about it. [NYDN]


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