Gossip Roundup: President Clooney

Washington Whispers: White House correspondents complain about endless food offerings and expensive WiFi. . . Rove wants to tap Democratic senators to run agencies, leaving Republican governors to appoint replacements (i.e., Lieberman as intel czar). . . Bush worried about boos from Red Sox fans. . . Snow's pals want to pin his detractors, but others say he's out within the year anyway. . . Millerwise to be CIA press secretary. [USN&WR]

Out & About: Frist, Myers attend opening of "The Nutcracker." [WP]

Inside Politics: Protesters expected at confirmation of Ohio vote today. [WT]

Rush & Molloy: Brooks promotes "well-known eugenicist sympathizer who regularly indulges in racial stereotyping." [NYDN]

Liz Smith: As president, Clooney would shift from oil dependence: "The world is different and at some point we are going to have to deal with it when the oil runs out." [NYP]


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