Gossip Roundup: Put Some Ice on Tina's Head, Please

Reliable Source:Jon Stewart, at packed "Daily Show" party, on exit polls: "We thought they were scientific. Turns out they just ask a few guys who are hanging around after they vote." Stephen Colbert: "After this, nothing but Carmen Electra and Big Foot jokes, you know. And I'm going to be cashing in on some of this new street cred of mine to get some of the ladies, if you know what I'm saying.". . . Carville stopped spinning at 1 a.m., credited Rove. . . Crayoned sign on Edwards' Georgetown home reads, "Welcome Home Daddy.". . . McCain watched "Ray" yesterday. [WP]

Under the Dome: Law enforcement gear for demonstrations around inauguration. . . Bush's bulge was a bullet-proof vest. . . Follow-up to The DaVinci Code set in Washington. . . Kerry's good-luck charms piled up, but didn't work. . . Dem insiders peeved by Edwards. [The Hill]

Inside Politics:Chuck Todd sees national role for Dean, Hillary, Clark, Giuliani, McCain, Pataki. [WT]

Rush & Molloy:Jon Stewart bummed by result. Colbert: "It's not worth it. I'd happily be dull [under a Kerry administration] for four years instead.". . . Dean partied with Steinem, Lauper at Crobar. . . Clinton stayed in Chappaqua. [NYDN]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: DCer: "Ironically, if you had no connections and weren't part of the gossip, just watched the results on TV, you would never have known that Bush lost every state he needed until he actually, um, won them all." [NYDN]

Page Six:Tina Brown on election night: "I have to go home and put an ice bag on my head.". . . "Doonesbury" in danger. [NYP, NYP]


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