Gossip Roundup: Rinse, Repeat Edition

·Kerry record at $2410 on eBay (equivalent to the price of assistant deputy secretary post). Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Kay Bailey Hutchison are screening ‘Osama’ at the Motion Picture Association of America Thursday. [WT]

· Problems at the Dems at issues retreat: bus broke down, got stuck in traffic, members complained b/c bus movie (Phone Booth) had dirty language, lost power the next day. (Exactly the folks you want in charge of stuff, no?) Republicans had trouble at their retreat last week as well: "It has come to our attention that some Members who attended the Republican Retreat in Philadelphia did not receive their Bath and Body Works gift bag," wrote Salley. "If your boss did not receive his or her gift, please let me know."(You know how Hastert gets when he can't moisturize.) Sens. Jon Corzine and Craig Thomas did stand up at the annual Washington Press Club Foundation Congressional Dinner. And both were funny. (Really.) Retiring Sen. John Breaux (D-La.) is relying on the classified section of Roll Call to help in his job search. Sen. Charles Shumer calls his home his office. Pisses off Sen. Richard Durbin. [Roll Call]

·Al Sharpton trades fashion tips with Carson Kressley (No. 261 in "Sentences we never thought we'd write.") John Kerry’s family is tight: Brother stole for him. Got his sister a job in Bush administration -- she still works there, but campaigns for Kerry. Al and Tipper Gore watched The Producers with the Bon Jovis, who left after the first act. [NYP, NYP, NYP]

· Something about Andrew Sullivan being spotted at a gym. [NYDN]

·Lloyd Grove lets Franken try to clear his name; wonders if Michael Moore is "a foul-tempered hypocrite?" Short answer: Yes. [NYDN]


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