Gossip Roundup: Sexy, Stupid

· College journalists on the campaign trail perplexed by demands of actual journalism. "My cell phone rang with this weird number. I'm like '212, what's that?'" [NY Post]

· Fur flies as PETA takes on Hillary over mink coat "kerfuffle." [NY Post]

· American Conservative editor: Nothing but the classiest hookers for his son, but Muslim heavies spoil the evening. [NY Post]·

· Lifetime Television polls women, discovers they would like to eat with Lieberman, be eaten by hottie android: "[W]hen pressed on with whom they would prefer being 'stranded on a deserted island,' Clark knocked Lieberman out of the top spot." [RollCall]

· Caged heat: Under pressure, Uma confesses she's "ABB - Anybody But Bush." [NYDN]


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