* Reliable Source: J. Robert Oppenheimer biographers try to get his reputation restored, but reopening of case is nixed by judge's son ... Oscar Predictions: "Andrew Sullivan... pegs... Philip Seymour Hoffman...." (quote edited for hilarity). [WP]

* Under the Dome: Silvio Berlusconi gets an enthusiastic reception from Italian-American Congressmen, including Pat Leahy, who is a "Grand Official of the Republic of Italy" ... Bottles of Pepto-Bismol sent to members of Congress by group protesting changes in state food-safety laws ... Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) makes rhetorical leap from Thomas Edison to criticism of ports deal. ... Congress about to let smoking ban pass. [The Hill]

* Lloyd Grove: Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) bashes Ports deal. Her husband Bill, meanwhile, praises Dubai as an "ally," may have a financial stake in seeing them get the deal. [NYDN]


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