Gossip Roundup: Surprisingly Erudite Edition

Reliable Source:Bush-Cheney campaign solicits a campaign donation from Mr. Valerie Plame. (Bad intelligence again?) PETA's new spokesmodel eats meat. The Governator likes Russert'ssix-pack (where is it?). Sean Penn spotted "socializing" with Eric Trump. (How much do you have to socialize to be over the legal limit?) [WP]

Washington Whispers: New book about Rumsfeld uncovers prediction that "a terrorist group will use a weapon of mass destruction against a U.S. target by 2020." (Who knows how this escaped the notice of Rush & Malloy.) [US News]

Inside the Beltway: Credit where credit is due; Agnew came up with "Radic-lib" ages before Robert Reich coined "radcon." So there. For the first time, Federal Communications Commission members will not be traveling to the annual convention of the Nation Association of Broadcasters on the NAB's dime. The Washington Times congratulates FCC Chairman Michael Powel (in office for 3 years) for taking this brave stand. [WT]

The Shadow:Condi Rice spent Valentine's on a date. With a man.Marion Barry may run for D.C. city council, "he craves an infusion of adulation and money." [The Hill]

Heard on the Hill: "Staffers" premiere tonight at 8PM on the Discovery Channel. (Unless ricin is involved, we're not thinking it'll be that exciting. But you never know.) Alaskan Republican Gov. Frank Murkowski went to Democratic Governors Association meeting by accident. The California State Society is throwing a pre-Oscar Night bash at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium that will give guests a chance to walk a red carpet, pose for some faux paparazzi and sample food and drinks inspired by this year’s five best picture nominees.NBC’s offices are almost in Maryland (Ha, ha. Er. . . what's the joke?) Michigan businessman James Wilson is selling toilet paper with photos of the presidential candidate that you would most like to see flushed. Loretta Sanchez (D -CA) got her photo on the wall of the Longworth Starbucks. [Roll Call]

Rush & Malloy:Monica feels non-Monica's pain; uses poor choice of words: "[W]e have politics dipping into someone's personal life." Schwarzenegger has made arrangements to continue pumping iron, puffing cigars while in NYC for GOP convention. [NYDN]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: CNN axes Charles Feldman, Mike Boettcher, Chris Osbourne and Brian Cabell. Says it's not a bloodbath, more of a blood high tide: "What you're seeing is the normal ebb and flow of any business."

Page Six:Hillary's toothache keeps her from being pain in the ass at NY state Conference of Mayors. NY councilwoman may have made an enemy of Kerry by switching her endorsement to Dean. Lil' Kim's letter to Bill O'Reilly is surprisingly, suspiciously erudite: "I was completely blindsided by Mr. O'Reilly's derogatory comments against me. It shows the world that contrary to popular beliefs, Neanderthals are not entirely extinct. This man has manifested a vendetta against black music." More Kerry news: celebs in attendance at fundraiser included Jon Bon Jovi (performing), Robert De Niro, Serena Altschul, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, Tina Brown, Wendy Wasserstein, Ron Delsener and Donny Ienner. Finally showing some good taste: Monica Lewinsky sighted at the Palomar/Autumn Defense (members of Wilco) show. [NYP, NYP, NYP, NYP and NYP]


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