Reliable Source: Matt Cooper: "It's a good time to remember that rumors are not the same as indictments, and indictments are not the same as convictions," he said. "So we should all just take a deep breath." [WP]

Under the Dome: Allen (R-Va.) is a fan of both the White Sox and the Astros. . . Madeleine Albright had guest spot on "Gilmore Girls." [The Hill]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown: Jim Moore and Wayne Slater, authors of "Bush's Brain," are rushing out a fresh book on Rove. [NYDN]

Page Six: New book alleges Michael Moore is a "corporate criminal, environmental menace and racist union-buster.". . . Clinton receives "custom-blended Chari-Tea from blonde tea maven" at a fundraiser. [NYP, NYP]

Cindy Adams: Geena Davis is on the cover of the next "Capitol File" magazine. . . Time is "readying stuff" on Bill Clinton in case Hillary runs in '08. [NYP]

Rush & Molloy: Clinton might be a shopaholic. [NYDN]


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