Gossip Roundup: Taking Credit Edition

Reliable Source: Bill Clinton's childhood home available for sale on eBay. Gennifer Flowers loses two court fights, one seeking to prove she was defamed by Carville and Stephanopoulos and one attempting to show she'd been the victim of a retaliatory audit. More about John Podhoretz than you ever wanted to know (porn name: Broadway Pickle). [WP]

Heard on the Hill: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) snaps during a strategy session: "I just don'�t understand what the problem with the door is!" [Roll Call]

Inside the Beltway: David Letterman: "John Kerry made a remark. He said a lot of world leaders want him to be president. Then the Bush administration said, 'Yeah, well, like who?' And then John Kerry said, 'Well, I really can't say.' So now they're really hammering John Kerry. The only name he could come up with: Queen Latifah.". . . Bush 41 was worried about the war lacking an exit strategy and Jeb Bush, who is planning an '08 White House run, has a "difficult relationship" with W., according to new book. [WT]

Inside Politics: Commerce Secretary Don Evans: "Some of you may have even heard from that fellow of a different political stripe who looks French but claims to be an Irishman. I guess there's an election coming up this year." Kerry: "I did send a memo out to my staff today reminding them that green beer is not a health food." [WT]

Page Six: Jockeying for Treasury Secretary begins. If Bush wins re-election, his old pal Stephen Schwarzman of the Blackstone Group seems likely while former Times reporter Steven Rattner has a shot if Kerry wins. [NYP]

Rush & Molloy: In December, Al Franken convened Jim Kelly, Eric Alterman, Hendrik Hertzberg, and Arthur Schlesinger Jr. to meet with Kerry. Says Franken: "I told him I'm taking credit for the turnaround. He said, 'I knew you would.'" [NYDN]


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