Washington Whispers:Howard Dean to push "Democratic values" to voters; DNC pollster: "This is the opening for a sea change.". . . GOP pollster finds discontent among Bush's base with his foreign policy. . . George Allen seen as early '08 frontrunner. . . Antonin Scalia decries the use of foreign law to decide domestic cases. . . Republicans see viable presidential campaign from Hillary. . . Hurricane response boosts Haley Barbour's '08 odds. [USN&WR]

Inside the Beltway:Buchanan: "George W. Bush is in big trouble, and so are we.". . . Coulter receives $5,000 honor from the American Compass. . . Helen Thomas goes on Bill Maher's HBO show. [WT]

Inside Politics:Clinton criticizes the media for not being skeptical of politicians and says Democrats need to take a stand: "[W]e basically let political ads turn every player in this drama into a two-dimensional cartoon instead of a three-dimensional person." [WT]

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:Scooter Libby tried doing tequila shots with Maureen Dowd at 2003 Bloomberg party; The New Yorker has excerpted the sex scenes from his 1996 novel. . . Laura Bush gives April Ryan an hour-long tour of the White House family quarters after a "softball interview". . . NPR's Noah Adams mistakenly announces the indictment of NPR's Libby Lewis. [NYDN]

Cindy Adams:Helen Thomas says Scooter Libby would not act without Cheney's permission. . . Did Cheney cancel a hunting trip because of traffic complaints? [NYP]


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