• Reliable Source:Kerry flack David Wade on Kerry's hotel request list: "Dick Cheney drinks Perrier and refuses to watch anything but Fox News. John Kerry hates Evian, eats meatloaf, and snacks on chocolate chip cookies. If these documents had been leaked during the campaign we'd have won in a landslide.". . . Antonin Scalia makes "dismissive hand-flick-off-the-chin" gesture at a reporter. . . Patti LaBelle breaks down in D.C. . . Tom DeLay is banned from carrying a gun. [WP]
  • Under the Dome: Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) got to yell "Start Your Engines" at NASCAR race. . . 72-year old Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) goes jogging at 5:30 in the morning. [The Hill]
  • Cindy Adams:McCain has secured "commitments from governors, Senate colleagues, Bush moneymen who opposed him in 2000." [NYP]

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