Gossip Roundup: The '08 Campaigns Are Hiring

Washington Whispers:Hillary, Vilsack, Bayh, Edwards, Kerry begin interviews for '08 staffers. . . Dean keeps his office door closed and wants to be called Governor, not Chairman. . . Gingrich: "I tell you upfront that I am a sinner.". . . Rice seen as formidable presidential challenge to Hillary. . . Huckabee may appear on "Oprah" to boost '08 chances. [USN&WR]

Inside Politics:Bill on Hillary: "I think now she's at least as good as I was.". . . McCain: "Vladimir Putin seems to me to be acting somewhat like a spoiled child." [WT]

Inside the Beltway: 2,000 supporters send-off McAuliffe. [WT]

Liz Smith agrees with Ann Coulter. [NYP]


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