Gossip Roundup: The Elephant Is In the Ladies' Room Powdering Her Nose

Barbara Bush does some fundraising for dad, generously donating her writhing nubile form to the cause: Her belly dancing at a fashion show after-party "prompt[ed]. . . partygoers to throw. . . hundreds of dollars in cash at the feet of Bush." Eve Ensler throws “Vote With Your Vagina!” party. (And they said the Florida butterfly ballot was tough to figure out.) [NYP and NYP]

New book out on JFK Jr. and other "sons of Camelot": Carolyn used coke, but wasn’t addicted. Contrary to popular belief, they were sex fiends. Out of context quote: "Pecker is smart and cunning." Stripperella (Pamela Anderson) has endorsed Chris P. Carrot (PETA animated character): Which one is not the cartoon?[NYDN]

Donald H. Rumsfeld and Sen. Hillary Clinton tie for 25th in Men's Journal's Top 25 "Toughest Guys" in America. Subtle! Those nutty women: Teresa Heinz Kerry says, "Men with opinions are well informed and smart. But women with opinions are opinionated." And don't forget they're really butch, too. Organization of American States deems the disenfranchisement of District residents "a major human rights violation." [WT]


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